Camp for [future] 2019

From 2nd-11th of August we will camp in Kerpen-Buir near the largest coal mine of Europe. The camp for [future] is the place for young people to learn about different future-related topics and offers a experimental space to create a society we can shape according to our own ideas.

We will offer theoretical workshops on different topics in both English and German – surrounding issues such as feminism, climate change and related topics as well as practical workshops like drumming or political theatre. Furthermore, we will offer a cultural program in the evening, including a panel, poetry slam and concerts.
This year, the internation Young Friends of the Earth Europe Summercamp will take place with the camp for [future] so there will be a lot of nice people from across Europe and we have an extra focus, that everything will be translated and that we have as many english workshops as german ones.

You are interested in meeting new people, learning about global connections and want to take part in a ecological-minded movement? You want to help realizing the camp – join the kitchen crew for cooking, clean up or even give a workshop yourself?  Let’s go and join our camp! It is not mandatory to register but it helps us a lot to know the amout of people coming. The price for the camp is around 9€ per day (you mostly pay for the food, which we cook together with a cooking collective) but you can decide how much you want to pay all in all. If you don’t have that much money you are just as welcome to join us as if you have the possibility to pay more than the average price. For people who have experienced migration and flight the camp ist free. You will receive an invoice because it is easier for us that way but you are welcome to ignore it.

If you think the camp is a nice place to go, you can help us by mobilising people! Share our Facebook event and order our flyer, posters and stickers. If you want to stay up-to-date, sign up for our newsletter.

Last but not least: Photos from last year are here.

We are excited to see you soon!